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merge, players who are considered unimpressive or unpopular are likely to be brought to the end, because they are considered easily beatable. Lil from Pearl Islands is considered one of the most memorable examples of this trope. My Greatest Failure : Several players failed at the game and admit they failed. As the contestants sit to eat, Jeff reminds everyone of the sacrifice: Jeff : Bring out the next meal: burger and a beer. The Load : Chet in Micronesia.

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Product Placement : The occasional reward will be provided by a sponsor, in which case the name brand will be mentioned prominently. Panama/Exile Island wherein viewers were more wanting to win were the last two evicted and left with Daniele and Aras. In Pearl Islands, Jonny Fairplay is beaten in the final immunity challenge by the one contestant he'd been using as a verbal punching bag all season, Lillian, and promptly voted out. While eating (alone Bob was pleasantly surprised to see his wife step from behind a nearby tree, and led her back to meet the tribe. Smug Snake : "Boston" Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz (in multiple seasons each) are the quintessential examples.